Thankfully, Apple have finally brought SSO to the table for mobile apps.

I think it’s really important – in fact, I was going to do a post how mobile apps are probably the best application of SSO, considering how users keep the device with them, and the current methods of authentication are painful (passwords on a mobile device take a long time and are error prone), and so many apps just save the password anyway to save the hassle.

The are some issues I see with SSO on mobile, and will need to be used carefully to avoid breaking two-factor authentication models, but it’s a huge win for business, and I hope it will be available via the SDK shortly.  I am really excited to see the new security features in iOS7, and keen to try them out!

Expect some posts about the Enterprise licensing (also massive improvement of enterprise management), and I’m keen to see the applications of the per-app encryption, and per-app VPN connectivity too.  It has simply huge ramifications for BYOD, and how it’s able to be accessed may be the difference between whether MDM remains relevant, or becomes even more integral to enterprise mobile management.

More on iOS7 to come for sure!