The best place to see professional info is to look me up on LinkedIn. If you found me by this page, please mention it, as I’m normally picky about who I add.
Outside of LinkedIn, I have loved tech since an early age, and when I realised I would have trouble becoming a pilot with near-sightedness, only ever wanted to be a computer engineer.

Luckily, during Uni I found out you could actually do computer security as a career, and haven’t looked back.

Since then I’ve also gotten into Auditing and Risk, which let me operate a bit higher in the organisational food chain to help change organisations for the better.

Nowadays I keep up with technology being in a tech company, and am programmuing iOS, Android and Web Apps to keep up with the advancements in modern languages and field test Web 3.0 and DevOps architecture principles. You can see the first results of this at More to come!

I’m also a keen scuba diver and motorcyclist, but finding with two small children its easier to indulge those with episodes if Octonauts, and watching MotoGP than getting out for real lately.

All in all though, I’m trying to find ways to move out from thinking, to more doing, and actively searching for the ways to make a difference.
If you’d like to reach me outside of LinkedIn, you can use the contact form.